Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss

Most of us here are believers in the Law of Attraction - I am!

As we discuss many times on our network -

Where our energy and attention flow, results follow.
Such is the extremely potent nature of human energy.

So - when we get obsessed with weight as a problem - that is exactly what we manifest!
More weight and/or more problems.

My suggestion is - FOCUS ON SLENDERNESS, GOOD HEALTH AND LOOKING BEAUTIFUL! Focus on pretty clothes, stunning hair and personal style.
Create a smashing killer look for yourself, just as you are right now. No need to put anything on hold. You are gorgeous RIGHT NOW.

SEE YOURSELF at exactly that weight which you wish to be.

Don't wait to love yourself AFTER you become thinner.
It works just the opposite.
You will become thinner BECAUSE you love yourself. So you create the best possible reality for yourself.

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